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Get a shingles jab by taking part in a trial

The shingles jab trial is called “ZostaFluCov.” Herpes zoster – “Zosta” – is the name for a recurrnces of chickenpox, commongly called shingles. People over 50 can sign up for this trial. This could be a way to get a vaccination.

This trial is to find out how acceptable it is to give people over 50 the new Shingrix vaccine against shingles, at the same time as giving them the seasonal flu jab and the Covid booster.

This is an opportunity to get the shingles jab early! The NHS is only giving the Shingrix vaccination to people as they become 65, and people in their 70s.

The trial ia being done in the following locations. (They may add more, and if so I will be back to update this list.)

  • North Bristol Trust
  • University Hospital Bristol and Weston
  • Guy’s and St Thomas
  • St Georges
  • Sheffield
  • Royal United hospital bath
  • Hull
  • South Tees
  • Gloucestershire
  • Marine Lake (the Wirral)
  • Southampton
  • Pier Health Group (Weston-super-Mare)

You can find out more about this trial – which will involve about 5 or 6 visits to the research clinic – by visting the central organiser’s website at ZosterFluCOV (

As with the previous trial, it is important that you can visit the site repeatedly. You will have to make a minimum of 3 visits and more likely 5. So you will need to be able to get their easily!

Published 14-2-2024

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