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Take part in a shingles vaccine trial

If you are over 50 and have had shingles, you might qualify for the trial to prove the effectiveness of the ‘other’ shingles vaccine. This is a two-jab immunisation and the manufacturer GSK is running a placebo-controlled trial. This means that you might get the real thing, or a sterile water (safe placebo) injection instead. You won’t know, and neither will the person who carries out the vaccination.
The trials are being run in Addlestone, Atherstone, Belfast, Bradford-on-Avon, Manchester, Nantwich, Poole and Trowbridge. More details on

I say ‘other’ above, as currently there is a single-jab vaccine called Zostavax available free at your GP, for people in their 70s. (However, until Sept, if you are 77 you don’t yet qualify…)