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Take part in a shingles vaccine trial

If you are over 50 and have had shingles, you might qualify for the trial to prove the effectiveness of the ‘other’ shingles vaccine. This is a two-jab immunisation and the manufacturer GSK is running a placebo-controlled trial. This means that you might get the real thing, or a sterile water (safe placebo) injection instead. You won’t know, and neither will the person who carries out the vaccination.
The trials are being run in Addlestone, Atherstone, Belfast, Bradford-on-Avon, Manchester, Nantwich, Poole and Trowbridge. More details on

I say ‘other’ above, as currently there is a single-jab vaccine called Zostavax available free at your GP, for people in their 70s. (However, until Sept, if you are 77 you don’t yet qualify…)

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Volunteer to help Huddersfield doctor re PHN

Would you like to help research to find a better way of diagnosing and treating PHN? Dr Patrick McHugh and the Pain Research Team at the University of Huddersfield need volunteers to come in for about 90 minutes to fill in some questionnaires, have ‘sensory testing’ and have a blood sample taken (about 50mls). The study is ethically approved and adopted to the NIHR clinical research network. Your travel costs will be reimbursed with Sainsbury’s vouchers.

What you do:

Get in touch with the Pain Research Team at 07598711468 or by emailing the team at [email protected]